“Possible Music” debuts at #11 on iTunes Classical Chart

On June 4, I released an EP called “Possible Music” that was different from my usual concept albums. This album was a collection of pieces that I’ve done as demos for various TV series over the last 2 years – but they were demos that didn’t get me the job! Each was rejected for some reason or another. But each of these little gems got under my skin for a while, and when I finished working with them they found their way into a folder on my desktop called “Possibles.” This folder is like a greenhouse for ideas: it’s where I keep snippets of musical ideas, or pieces that I start but don’t finish. These are ideas that get to sit and germinate for a while until I eventually revisit them with fresh ears. And it was while digging through the Possibles folder that I realized “these are good AND I still like them.”

June 4 came around, and I saw “Possible Music” rocket right up to #11 that morning – and I was thrilled that this collection of rejected cues finally got to see the light of day.

“Possible Music” is available on all of the usual digital platforms via this link:


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